“I tell Alex Ferguson: “If I drink, I’ll smash you all.” Khabib performed at a Muslim evening in London

He test­ed him on his knowl­edge of Islam and pre­sent­ed him for a pink T‑shirt.

Khabib Nurmagomedov at the Manchester United match  Khabib did­n’t wait for Ronal­do’s goal, Juven­tus snatched vic­to­ry in the der­by, Shapi had his first suc­cess in Turkey

The begin­ning of Octo­ber found Khabib Nur­magome­dov on busi­ness trips around Eng­land. First, the cham­pi­on vis­it­ed The Arnold Sports Fes­ti­val in Birm­ing­ham, then he went to Man­ches­ter for Unit­ed’s game with Ever­ton, and yes­ter­day he per­formed in Lon­don at a Mus­lim evening in sup­port of orphans.

Today he will host a sim­i­lar talk event in the resort town of Har­ro­gate, in North York­shire.

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The meet­ing in Lon­don turned out to be bright and atmos­pher­ic. For an hour and a half, Habib answered ques­tions from adults and chil­dren, and we col­lect­ed the best lines and dia­logues from this.


A nine-year-old girl puzzled Khabib with her desire to become a UFC fighter. In response, he did a whole stand-up show

Nur­magome­dov nev­er approved of wom­en’s fights. He was once asked about women in MMA, and he gave the icon­ic answer: “Women are wait­ing for us at home.” This time the Dages­tani was tak­en by sur­prise by a nine-year-old girl with a sim­i­lar ques­tion. Habib had to get out with the help of humor and the boy who asked the pre­vi­ous ques­tion. To do this, he even invit­ed him to his sofa.

Nine-year-old boy Musab: “Habib, my name is Musab. When I grow up, I want to become a Mus­lim fight­er like you. What advice can you give me?

Khabib Nur­magome­dov: “First of all, you must under­stand why you are called Musab. Do you know what this name is?”

Musab: “Musab spread Islam.”

Khabib Nur­magome­dov: “Yes, that’s right. When you under­stand why your par­ents gave you this name, you will be suc­cess­ful. Who is Musab, where is he from, what did he do. Many believe because their par­ents are Mus­lims. But when you your­self under­stand why you believe in Allah, then some­thing impor­tant will hap­pen. This is my advice to you.”

Girl: “My name is Liana, I’m nine years old. When I grow up, I want to be a UFC fight­er like you. Can you make a fight acad­e­my in Birm­ing­ham for me and my friends?

Khabib Nur­magome­dov: “Musab, did you hear? (Laughs.) What did you hear? And what do you think? (Laughs.) Do you under­stand what she said? She wants to become a UFC fight­er (Laughs.) Now show me what your name means. (Laughs.) Now is the time to show. You are nine years old, you are an adult, come on, tell me. Do you want to become a cham­pi­on? This is your time. Come here. (The boy comes and sits down.) It’s your sis­ter?”

Musab: “No”.

Khabib Nur­magome­dov: “Do you know her?”

Musab: “No”.

Khabib Nur­magome­dov: “This is prob­lem. What do you think? What will we do with our sis­ter? Do you have any sis­ters?”

Musab: “Four Sis­ters”

Khabib Nur­magome­dov: “Old­er, younger than you?”

Musab: “Two younger, two old­er”

Khabib Nur­magome­dov: “Do you want your sis­ters to become fight­ers?”

Musab: “No”.

Khabib Nur­magome­dov: “So what are we going to do with our sis­ter? What advice should I give her? Relax, why are you tense? Relax­ing is the most impor­tant thing for a fight­er. Don’t rush, relax. What advice will we give her? (Laughs.) My advice to our sis­ter is to lis­ten to Musab. (Laughs.) He will give you the right advice.”

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“Do you know that the name Yahya Allah is men­tioned in the Quran?” Khabib con­tin­ues to ask chil­dren about the mean­ing of their names

After the scene with Liana and Musab, the micro­phone passed to 8‑year-old Yahya. The boy also came under Nurmagomedov’s ques­tions, but turned out to be more than ready for them.

Boy: “Habib, my name is Yahya. I am eight years old. I have a ques­tion — what are your three favorite things in life?”

Khabib Nur­magome­dov: “And I have a ques­tion for you. I think you’re ready. Why are you called Yahya?

Boy: “I was named after the prophet Yahya.”

Khabib Nur­magome­dov: “Well done. Do you know that the name Yahya Allah is men­tioned in the Quran?

Boy: “I know”.

Khabib Nur­magome­dov: “How do you know?”

Boy: “Par­ents said.”

Khabib Nur­magome­dov: “You have good par­ents. Yahya is the first name giv­en by Allah. He told the prophet that no one before him bore this name. What was your ques­tion?”

Boy: “Your three favorite things in life.”

Khabib Nur­magome­dov: “First, I believe in one God who gave me the intel­li­gence to under­stand why I should pray every day. This is the most beau­ti­ful thing that has ever hap­pened to me in my life. Sec­ond­ly, I am healthy, I am strong. Allah gave me health. Many peo­ple around us can­not walk, some have no arms, legs, oth­ers are blind. Health is strength. Third… I don’t even know. I will think about it”.

“I tell Alex Fer­gu­son: “If I drink, I’ll destroy all of you guys here.”

After the chil­dren, the adults began ask­ing their ques­tions. Habib was asked how not to be ashamed of his faith and speak open­ly about his adher­ence to Islam. In response, the cham­pi­on told two won­der­ful mini-sto­ries about Daniel Cormi­er and Alex Fer­gu­son.

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“When I met Daniel Cormi­er, he invit­ed me to a par­ty. I refused. He asks why. I say: “Why should I go to the par­ty? I do not drink”. He replies: “Yes, every­thing is fine, I have Mus­lim friends, they go to par­ties. And you can go.” I say: “No, no, no.” This was in 2012. I myself have many friends, although I don’t know if they are friends. When it is con­ve­nient for them, they are Mus­lims, and when it is incon­ve­nient, they are not.

But I nev­er beat myself on the chest that I am a Mus­lim, and I don’t say it to every­one. I am not ashamed of my faith, but I don’t tell every­one about it. Today we were at the sta­di­um, next to Patrice Evra, Usain Bolt, Sir Alex Fer­gu­son. Alex Fer­gu­son invites me to drink wine. It’s good for him. I don’t judge him. But how can I explain my posi­tion? You can direct­ly: “No, no, no, I’m a Mus­lim, I don’t drink.” But you can do it anoth­er way, as I did: “If I drink, I’ll destroy all of you guys here. This is not a good idea.” I said this to Sir Alex a cou­ple of hours ago. He under­stood every­thing imme­di­ate­ly: “I under­stand, you don’t drink.”

“Con­vert Ronal­do to Islam? He has his own faith, I have mine.”

Eng­lish Mus­lims could not ignore the friend­ship of the Dages­tani fight­er with Cris­tiano Ronal­do. True, the ques­tion about her came from a very unex­pect­ed angle — did Khabib talk with the Por­tuguese about Islam and how does he assess the chances of him con­vert­ing to this faith?

Nur­magome­dov answered del­i­cate­ly, but at the same time with a tough posi­tion — he does not intend to con­vert any­one to Islam through per­sua­sion.

“Ronal­do con­stant­ly says: “Salaam Allaikum”, “Inshal­lah” (laughs). He under­stands reli­gion. I think he sticks to his faith, I stick to mine. When I meet peo­ple, I nev­er ask, “Hey, what reli­gion are you?” This is not a very good exam­ple from a Mus­lim, such behav­ior. I nev­er talk to peo­ple about their reli­gion, what they believe. What they believe is their deci­sion. I nev­er talked to him about it.”

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“Being hit in the face is not a good thing. That’s why I tried to choke and fight more.”

The dis­cus­sion also got to the top­ic of MMA being haram for a devout Mus­lim due to blows to the face. Khabib deft­ly answered the ques­tion: punch­es are bad, so he act­ed a lit­tle dif­fer­ent­ly.

“Punch­es in the face are a bad thing. Very bad. It’s bet­ter not to hit any­one in the face. I always tried to choke, fight. I even per­suad­ed my oppo­nents to give up a cou­ple of times so as not to accept the dam­age. I could have bro­ken the arm of one (Michael John­son), but I con­vinced him: “Give up, I don’t want to hurt you.”

“You won’t understand this, just like I don’t understand why you’re wearing a pink T‑shirt.”

The meet­ing end­ed with a fun­ny episode — Khabib jok­ing­ly found fault with the col­or of the T‑shirt of the man who was ask­ing a ques­tion from the audi­ence.

Pre­sen­ter: “The next ques­tion will be asked by that man in the pink T‑shirt.”

Man: “What do you think about the prospects of Islam Makhachev?”

Khabib Nur­magome­dov: “Broth­er, why pink?”

Man: “So that you can see me bet­ter in the crowd.”

Khabib Nur­magome­dov:(Laughs.) Got it, broth­er. Now I see you. Islam is a beast. He’s young. Very, very hun­gry. On Octo­ber 30 he fights in Abu Dhabi. When the time comes… When I won every round, it was my time. Now is the time of Islam. Beat every­one and win every round. This… how can I explain it to you… You won’t under­stand even if I explain it to you. Just as I don’t under­stand why you’re wear­ing pink, you won’t under­stand either (laughs)”.