The main events of Sat­ur­day in Euro­pean foot­ball.

England: Cristiano is offended, Chelsea is the leader

Man­ches­ter Unit­ed — Ever­ton — 1:1
Goals: Mar­tial 43 – Townsend 65.

On Sat­ur­day, Khabib Nur­magome­dov arrived at Old Traf­ford, spoke with Sir Alex Fer­gu­son and received a per­son­al­ized T‑shirt with num­ber sev­en from his friend Cris­tiano Ronal­do. But the Por­tuguese him­self, like Pog­ba, start­ed the game on the bench.

19 September.  London.  Ronal­do is divine — his fourth goal in three match­es. But Man­ches­ter Unit­ed were saved by Lin­gard and De Gea in a crazy game with West Ham

Ole Gun­nar Sol­sk­jaer sent those who appear on the field less often into attack, and for most of the first half it was dif­fi­cult for them to prove them­selves. Ever­ton looked more active and brighter, but a cool pass from Bruno Fer­nan­des end­ed with an equal­ly high-qual­i­ty shot from Mar­tial. Yes, Pick­ford was pre­vent­ed by the rebound, but every­thing looked so impres­sive that it caused approv­ing applause from Ronal­do.

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Krish entered the game along­side San­cho short­ly after the start of the sec­ond half for his 200th Pre­mier League appear­ance. Accord­ing to the hosts’ plan, the stars were sup­posed to fin­ish off the oppo­nent, but instead the Tof­fees bounced back after an exem­plary attack on the move and a goal from Townsend, who also awk­ward­ly copied Ronal­do’s sig­na­ture cel­e­bra­tion. After the match, the Tof­fees mid­field­er approached the Man­ches­ter Unit­ed star, who was dis­sat­is­fied with the out­come, and then explained his actions: “He is my idol. It’s a lit­tle respect for Cris­tiano.”

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The Red Dev­ils, who have scored one point in their last two games at home, are not doing well defen­sive­ly. Hav­ing con­ced­ed in their ninth home game in a row, they had their worst run since 1971. At the same time, Man­ches­ter Unit­ed, which was lim­it­ed to a draw, got off easy, as in the last min­utes VAR helped can­cel out Mina’s goal, which was not a win­ning goal for the guests.

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Chelsea — Southamp­ton — 3:1
Goals: Chalobah 9. Wern­er 84. Chilwell 89 — Ward-Prowse 61 from the penal­ty spot.

Ini­tial­ly, what seemed like a rou­tine vic­to­ry for the Blues turned out to be very emo­tion­al, and Thomas Tuchel had dif­fi­cul­ty cop­ing with his emo­tions dur­ing the match and received a yel­low card. Mean­while, every­thing start­ed more than suc­cess­ful­ly for Chelsea, and many were sur­prised to learn that in this cham­pi­onship at Stam­ford Bridge, the team’s sec­ond scor­er after Lukaku, who scored three times, is Chalobah. At the same time, the defend­er has made only two shots since the begin­ning of the sea­son, and both were effec­tive.

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Nat­u­ral­ly, after Saturday’s suc­cess of the foot­baller, who bril­liant­ly returned from a loan at Lori­ent, they began to iron­i­cal­ly say that Chalobah is more effec­tive in attack than Wern­er. But still, the Ger­man is unlucky too often, and his goal at the end of the first half was can­celed due to a foul by Azpilicue­ta. Amaz­ing­ly, after the strik­er moved to Chelsea, for var­i­ous rea­sons, 16 goals he scored were not count­ed!

The VAR ver­dict seemed to jeop­ar­dize the suc­cess of the Lon­don­ers, but in the end it was the tech­nique that con­tributed to the suc­cess of the hosts. First­ly, the Blues gained a numer­i­cal advan­tage when Mar­tin Atkin­son exam­ined the replay and became con­vinced that Saints cap­tain Ward-Prowse deserved to be sent off for a foul on Jorgin­ho, and Wern­er did score his first goal of the cham­pi­onship from a pass from the cor­rect­ed Azpilicue­ta. Sec­ond­ly, in the end, the goal detec­tion sys­tem helped deter­mine that the goal­keep­er par­ried the shot of Chilwell, who set the final score, already behind the goal line.

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Chelsea is sur­pris­ing in that 12 play­ers scored 15 goals in this cham­pi­onship. And this team, unpre­dictable for its oppo­nents, will remain the leader at least until Sunday’s match between Liv­er­pool and Man­ches­ter City.

Italy: Dzeko reminded of Ronaldo

Tori­no — Juven­tus — 0:1
Locatel­li, 86.

September 30th.  Naples.  In Italy, Spal­let­ti was destroyed for the meet­ing with Spar­tak. And they raised Vito­ria

The Old Lady approached the Turin der­by on an upswing. Two vic­to­ries in Serie A and a vic­to­ry over Chelsea in the Cham­pi­ons League restored Mas­si­m­il­iano Alle­gri’s team’s self-con­fi­dence, and they start­ed Sat­ur­day’s match like a mas­ter. Had the Bian­coneri tak­en their chances in the open­ing, they could have had a start, but in 45 min­utes they nev­er hit the tar­get. Grad­u­al­ly, Tori­no moved the game away from their goal and forced the guests to defend. In gen­er­al, the draw at the end of the first half looked log­i­cal, which can­not be said about the zeros on the score­board.

With the start of the sec­ond half, Juven­tus returned to the Cham­pi­ons League scheme with­out pure cen­tral strik­ers and rely­ing on the speed of Chiesa and Bernarde­schi. Sup­port­ed by the fresh Cuadra­do, they pro­vid­ed the vis­i­tors with dom­i­nance and thrilling moments. The Grana­tovs were res­cued by Milinkovic-Sav­ic, ex-Rubin and Zen­it defend­er Ansal­di came on well as a sub­sti­tute, but the pres­sure of the black and whites reached its peak in the end, and the exhaust­ed defense allowed Locatel­li to put the ball into the cor­ner from the penal­ty line.

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After this, it was inter­est­ing to see how Juve would behave, because along with Alle­gri the famous prag­ma­tism returned. At least twice this sea­son the team played to hold the score even too cyn­i­cal­ly, and while the bet worked against Chelsea, Milan man­aged to bounce back. Here the Bian­coneri did not loosen their grip, and if not for the post after Kulu­sevski’s shot, they would have won with a more sig­nif­i­cant advan­tage. Tak­ing into account all tour­na­ments, this is their fourth vic­to­ry in a row and their first clean sheet in Serie A since March after 20 rounds of con­ced­ing goals.

Sas­suo­lo — Inter — 1:2
Goals: Berar­di, 22, from the penal­ty spot — Dzeko, 58. Mar­tinez, 78, from the penal­ty spot.

In the last round, the black-greens final­ly broke a streak of four rounds with­out a win (=1–3), and now they had a pow­er­ful first half against the reign­ing cham­pi­on. Yes, they man­aged to score only from the penal­ty spot, but in sev­er­al more episodes the Milanese were saved only by the excel­lent play of Han­danovic. And before leav­ing for the break, an ambigu­ous episode occurred, and although the hosts demand­ed that the Inter goal­keep­er suc­ceed, the judges did not even see the vio­la­tion against Defrel.

The Ner­az­zur­ri should be pleased as Han­danovic con­tin­ued his exploits after the break and the vis­i­tors’ attack became more effec­tive with the intro­duc­tion of Dzeko. Respond­ing to Perisic’s cross, the 35-year-old Bosn­ian sent anoth­er greet­ing to those who sent him into retire­ment. The veteran’s six goals in sev­en rounds is the most pro­duc­tive start for Inter’s debu­tants since the great Ronal­do in the 1997/98 sea­son. Dzeko also forced Con­sigli to bring him down on the cor­ner of the penal­ty area and earned the deci­sive penal­ty for Lau­taro Mar­tinez.

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Germany: record holder Reus and goal in 42 seconds

Borus­sia D — Augs­burg — 2:1
Raphael Guer­reiro, 10, from the penal­ty spot. Brandt, 51 — Zeqiri, 35.
Wolfs­burg — Borus­sia M — 1:3
Wald­schmidt, 24 — Embo­lo, 5. Hof­mann, 7. Scul­ly, 90+5.

Borus­sia con­tin­ues to play with­out the injured Haa­land, and even with one of the out­siders it was not easy. True, a quick goal from a penal­ty earned by Malen cre­at­ed the illu­sion of ease in Dort­mund’s expect­ed vic­to­ry, but in fact, Augs­burg began to seri­ous­ly sag in defense only after Brandt returned the hosts to the lead in the score. Royce act­ed as an assis­tant, becom­ing the first play­er in the his­to­ry of the club to score a three-dig­it num­ber of goals and assists.

At the same time, head coach Mar­co Rose, despite the vic­to­ry, should have been dis­ap­point­ed by the exe­cu­tion of chances. In the sec­ond half, Borus­sia had every rea­son to expect a big score, but in any case the team returned to the top three. This hap­pened after anoth­er mis­fire from Wolfs­burg, which could not stand the game on two fronts. Until recent­ly, Mark van Bom­mel’s team was in the lead in the Bun­desli­ga, but in the last three rounds it has only one point. Against Borus­sia Monchenglad­bach, the Wolves con­ced­ed two goals in the 7th minute, and Embo­lo became their night­mare. The Swiss first hit the tar­get with an over­head kick, after which he assist­ed Hof­mann.

Leipzig – Bochum – 3:0
Andre Sil­va, 69. Nkunku, 73, 78.

Hav­ing accus­tomed every­one to reg­u­lar­ly being in the group of lead­ers, Leipzig is hav­ing a con­tro­ver­sial sea­son. In the Bun­desli­ga he lost three of the first six match­es, and start­ed the Cham­pi­ons League with two defeats. The home fias­co with Club Brugge was espe­cial­ly sen­si­tive, and it is obvi­ous that Leipzig, accus­tomed to work­ing with Julian Nagels­mann, is still just learn­ing to play under Jesse Marsh. How­ev­er, it is also wrong to blame all the dogs on the Amer­i­can train­er.

In the off-sea­son, the team lost its key defend­ers, Upame­cano and Konate, who were sold to Bay­ern and Liv­er­pool respec­tive­ly. Fol­low­ing his for­mer men­tor, the charis­mat­ic Sab­itzer went to Munich, while Dani Olmo and Hal­sten­berg were injured. Nev­er­the­less, the first fruits of the work of the new head­quar­ters have already ripened. On Sat­ur­day, the fifth goal of the sea­son from a set-piece turned out to be a turn­ing point, Nkunku demon­strates an incred­i­ble per­for­mance for him­self (nine goals in all tour­na­ments), and the Por­tuguese Andre Sil­va, who over­took Haa­land in the list of snipers last sea­son, is set­tling in after mov­ing from Ein­tra­cht. On Sat­ur­day, the Por­tuguese spent 42 sec­onds on the field before scor­ing the deci­sive goal.

Türkiye: drama with 11-meters

Gozte­pe — Gire­sun­spor — 0:1
Dia­bate, 71, from the penal­ty spot.

One could only sym­pa­thize with Magomed-Shapi Suley­manov, because in Krasnodar he was accus­tomed to high tasks, and Gire­sun­spor, which had just entered the Turk­ish Super League, was stuck in the rel­e­ga­tion zone. Only in the 8th round did this team final­ly man­age to win their first vic­to­ry, and Shapi, who still had no scor­ing points to his name, made a deci­sive con­tri­bu­tion to it. It was the Russ­ian legion­naire who earned what turned out to be the win­ning penal­ty. Dia­bate did not miss, while ten min­utes ear­li­er Gezte­pe also took a penal­ty kick, but Tijan­ic missed his approach to the point. More pre­cise­ly, his shot was par­ried by goal­keep­er Okan Kochuk, rec­og­nized as the first star of the match.

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Sta­tis­tics of the day

4 The Pre­mier League teams — Burn­ley, Southamp­ton, New­cas­tle and Nor­wich — have not yet won a sin­gle vic­to­ry.
5 goals in sev­en open­ing rounds — Arse­nal’s worst per­for­mance since 1986.
8 Lev­ante can­not win the rounds in La Liga. Last time, a sim­i­lar start to the sea­son result­ed in rel­e­ga­tion to the sec­ond round for the Valen­cians.
36 rounds does not lose in the Por­tuguese cham­pi­onship to Por­to.
2421 the day sep­a­rat­ed Saler­ni­tana strik­er Djuric’s two goals in Serie A.