On June 30, the con­tracts of many promi­nent foot­ball play­ers expired. We have com­piled a list of ten who are cur­rent­ly not offi­cial­ly employed.

Gianluigi Donnarumma

Age: 22
Role: goal­keep­er
Price: 60 mil­lion euros*
Last club: “Milan“
Prob­a­ble route: “PSG”
*Here­inafter accord­ing to transfermarkt.com.

The Italy goal­keep­er said good­bye to Milan at the end of the sea­son and is about to move to PSG. All-know­ing insid­er Fab­rizio Romano has repeat­ed­ly empha­sized the details of the deal — the con­tract will be signed until 2026, the goal­keep­er has even under­gone a med­ical exam­i­na­tion before the trans­fer. How­ev­er, the deal has still not been offi­cial­ly announced, so tech­ni­cal­ly Don­narum­ma is a free agent.

Gianluigi Donnarumma.  Photo by Getty Images
Gian­lui­gi Don­narum­ma. Pho­to by Get­ty Images

Andrey Lunev

Age: 29 years
Role: goal­keep­er
Price: 5 mil­lion euros
Last club: “Zenith“
Prob­a­ble route: “Zenith”

The Russ­ian cham­pi­ons have a dif­fi­cult sit­u­a­tion with goal­keep­ers. Ini­tial­ly, only Mikhail Kerzhakov and Dani­il Odoevsky were called up to Zenit’s first train­ing camp, and Andrey Lunev is still in St. Peters­burg. It’s all about the con­tract: the agree­ment with Zen­it expired on June 30, and the goal­keep­er does not yet want to renew it on the terms pro­posed by the club. Most like­ly, the par­ties will still find a com­pro­mise, but they will lose time.

Andrey Lunev.  Photo by Daria Isaeva,
Andrey Lunev. Pho­to by Daria Isae­va, SE

Sergio Ramos

Age: 35 years
Role: defend­er
Price: 10 mil­lion euros
Last club: “Real“
Prob­a­ble route: PSG, Juven­tus

The ven­er­a­ble Span­ish defend­er gave the Madrid super­club 16 years, but still left it. Recent­ly, the Real Madrid cap­tain has been plagued by injuries, and he and the club could not agree on the terms of a new agree­ment. Now Ramos is a free agent, but he already has offers. For now, the most like­ly option is PSG.

Sergio Ramos.  Photo by Getty Images
Ser­gio Ramos. Pho­to by Get­ty Images

Elseid Hysay

Age: 27 years
Role: defend­er
Price: 13 mil­lion euros
Last club: “Napoli“
Prob­a­ble route: “Lazio”

Spar­tak was inter­est­ed in this Alban­ian defend­er in the win­ter, and in the spring Hysaj announced his depar­ture from Napoli. It is unlike­ly that he will go to Moscow — now the red and white have a place on the right flank of defense. Most like­ly, Hysaj will reunite with Mau­r­izio Sar­ri at Lazio.

Elseid Hysay.  Photo by Getty Images
Elseid Hysay. Pho­to by Get­ty Images

Nikola Maksimovic

Age: 29 years
Role: defend­er
Price: 10 mil­lion euros
Last club: “Napoli“
Prob­a­ble route: “Roma”

The for­mer Spar­tak defend­er played infre­quent­ly for Napoli last sea­son and left the club when his con­tract expired. Ital­ian media believe that the Ser­bian could move to Jose Mour­in­ho’s Roma.

Nikola Maksimovich.  Photo by Getty Images
Niko­la Mak­si­movich. Pho­to by Get­ty Images

David Louise

Age: 34 years
Role: defend­er
Price: 4 mil­lion euros
Last club: “Arse­nal“
Prob­a­ble route: “Mar­seilles”

The Brazil­ian’s per­for­mance has not been impres­sive for a long time, and many Arse­nal fans were hap­py to hear the news that David Luiz would leave the club. Togeth­er with the Brazil­ian, the Lon­don­ers announced their sep­a­ra­tion from goal­keep­er Matthew Ryan and mid­field­ers Mar­tin Ode­gaard and Dani Cebal­los. There are rumors that Luiz has already agreed a con­tract with Mar­seille and will soon join Jorge Sam­paoli’s new team.

David Louise.  Photo by Getty Images
David Louise. Pho­to by Get­ty Images

Jerome Boateng

Age: 32 years
Role: defend­er
Price: 8.5 mil­lion euros
Last club: “Bavaria“
Prob­a­ble route: Mona­co, Hertha, Lazio, Roma

At the end of May, Bay­ern fans said good­bye to many of the cre­ators of recent vic­to­ries with a col­or­ful ban­ner. Hans-Dieter Flick will lead the Ger­man nation­al team, Javi Mar­tinez left for Qatar, Dou­glas Cos­ta returned to Gremio, David Ala­ba moved to Real Madrid, and Jerome Boateng has not yet found a job. The Ghana­ian Ger­man gave Bay­ern ten years, won every­thing pos­si­ble with them more than once, but will soon retire.

Patrick van Aanholt

Age: 30 years
Role: defend­er
Price: 7 mil­lion euros
Last club: Crys­tal Palace
Prob­a­ble route: Arse­nal, Inter

The Nether­lands nation­al team defend­er played well at Euro 2020, so maybe one of the famous clubs will offer Van Aan­holt a con­tract in the near future. Van Aan­holt is known as a strong full-back for mid­dle teams like Crys­tal Palace, but the Dutch­man would not hurt big clubs either.

Patrick van Aanholt.  Photo by Getty Images
Patrick van Aan­holt. Pho­to by Get­ty Images

Lionel Messi

Age: 34 years
Role: attack
Price: 80 mil­lion euros
Last club: Barcelona
Prob­a­ble route: Barcelona

Lionel Messi. That’s it, Mes­si is offi­cial­ly no longer a Barcelona play­er. But it won’t last long

The Mes­si con­tract saga has been going on for sev­er­al years now. Last sum­mer, the Argen­tine almost left Barcelona, ​​but still decid­ed to stay, hop­ing that a change in man­age­ment at the club would have an impact. How­ev­er, the play­er and the club still have not signed a new agree­ment, so on July 1, Mes­si was left with­out a con­tract with Barcelona for the first time since 2000. Nev­er­the­less, the pres­i­dent of the blue gar­nets, Joan Lapor­ta, assures that both sides want to con­tin­ue coop­er­a­tion and will find a com­pro­mise.

Lionel Messi.  Photo by Getty Images
Lionel Mes­si. Pho­to by Get­ty Images

Stevan Jovetic

Age: 31 year
Role: attack
Price: 5 mil­lion euros
Last club: “Mona­co“
Prob­a­ble route: “Lazio”

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The Mon­tene­grin for­ward played for the Mon­e­gasques for four years, but after rup­tur­ing his cru­ci­ate lig­a­ments in April 2019, he became a reserve. It seems that Jovet­ic will not play with Alexan­der Golovin again — Mona­co did not renew the agree­ment with the for­ward, and he will appar­ent­ly return to Serie A.