A female bodybuilder shocked the Internet with her huge calves: she weighs less than 50 kg, but looks more powerful than men

Alex B, 39, works out almost every day to stay in shape.

39-year-old body­builder Alex B reg­u­lar­ly posts her work­outs on social net­works. Users were amazed by her shape, and espe­cial­ly by the athlete’s killer calves.

How does a phenomenal girl train?

Many body­builders con­sid­er quads and calves to be one of the most beau­ti­ful parts of the body that speak of the qual­i­ty of an ath­lete. After all, it’s hard to pump up your calves—it requires long and hard train­ing. Alex B amazed users with her calves, because they are sim­ply huge.

The body­builder post­ed infor­ma­tion about her work­outs on Red­dit: she pumps iron 5–6 days a week, and spends a total of 4–6 hours on car­dio.

A girl per­forms at com­pe­ti­tions for female body­builders. And recent­ly she pub­lished a video in which she pos­es in front of a mir­ror:

Alex B is a short ath­lete, but she has amaz­ing pro­por­tions. She has a sculpt­ed body with stun­ning calves, which she reg­u­lar­ly works out in the gym. After all, they became her call­ing card.

How do users react to the girl?

Alex’s legs seem mas­sive against her thin waist. Fans admire the athlete’s fig­ure and want to be like her.

One fol­low­er wrote: “This is the most mus­cu­lar 49kg man on the plan­et.” Anoth­er added: “Wow! You’re prob­a­bly ready for the com­pe­ti­tion. Best wish­es!”

The com­pli­ments didn’t end there: “Very impres­sive! Bet­ter calves than most of the men here. You are very beau­ti­ful”. Anoth­er fol­low­er, like­ly a woman, takes Alex as an exam­ple: “Wow, you have an amaz­ing physique. I would like to be like you some­day.”