Want an easy, afford­able way to improve your health and add some nutri­tion to your diet? Lentils are one of the won­der­ful sources of plant pro­tein. Avail­able in a wide vari­ety of col­ors and sizes.

Here are three good rea­sons why you should have lentils in your kitchen and one won­der­ful recipe.

Miracle legumes

It’s a shame that with all the hype around so-called “super­foods”, lentils are often rel­e­gat­ed to the back­ground. These age-old, mir­a­cle legumes are a real god­send for sports nutri­tion. If you want to stay on top of your health, improve your physique, and save your bud­get, include these hum­ble legumes in your dietary reper­toire.

3 reasons to eat lentils

Here are three good rea­sons why lentils should be in your kitchen:

  • Rea­son 1: Lentils are an inex­pen­sive source of pro­tein.

If your steak and salmon habit is drain­ing your food bud­get, head to the bean aisle. With 21 grams of pro­tein per 100-gram cup cooked, lentils will sig­nif­i­cant­ly reduce your food costs and help add pro­tein to your diet. And, yes, plant pro­tein can also help you build more mus­cle.

  • Rea­son 2: Lentils can help you lose weight

Quite low calo­rie con­tent, about 314 kcal/100 grams in dry form — this is a tasty, sat­is­fy­ing and heap­ing cup of boiled prod­uct. Adding a lit­tle but­ter and/or veg­gies makes for a great din­ner on any diet.

  • Rea­son 3: Lentils are a pow­er­house of nutri­ents.

Take a look at the nutri­tion­al val­ue of lentils and you will be impressed. In addi­tion to pro­tein and fiber, it also con­tains a num­ber of essen­tial vit­a­mins and min­er­als, includ­ing thi­amin, folic acid, mag­ne­sium, iron, phos­pho­rus, potas­si­um, zinc and mag­ne­sium.

Lentil varieties

  1. Red lentils. It boils quick­ly and does not have a shell.
  2. Brown lentils. Great for soups, the most com­mon.
  3. Green lentils. Unripe grains are an ide­al addi­tion to dish­es pre­pared from meat or rice.
  4. French lentils. The most deli­cious vari­ety, goes well with sal­ads and side dish­es.


Red lentils can be used to pre­pare many dish­es. Here’s one of them: cab­bage soup with red lentils.


  • Red lentils – 200 g.
  • Car­rots – 150 g.
  • Toma­to – 450 g.
  • Water – 1.5 l.
  • Onions – 100 g.
  • Cau­li­flower – 300 g.

Wash the lentils, chop the car­rots and onions, fry in veg­etable oil. Soak the cau­li­flower in salt­ed boil­ing water for 7 min­utes. Cook the lentils for a lit­tle less than half an hour, then add the cab­bage to the soup. Peel the toma­toes, then chop them fine­ly and add to the soup. Cook for a lit­tle more than half an hour. Pep­per, herbs and salt are added to taste.