A 100-kilogram barbell crushed a sports-obsessed fitness instructor: he made just one fatal mistake

The sad exam­ple of the young Chi­nese once again remind­ed how impor­tant it is to take pre­cau­tions when work­ing with heavy weights.

A tragedy occurred at a gym in the Chi­nese province of Henan: a 100-kilo­gram bar­bell crushed a fit­ness instruc­tor. This was report­ed by The Straits Times.

How did a man die in the gym?

27-year-old Xiao Hou came to the gym when no one was there to work out alone. He was per­form­ing a bench press with a 100-pound bar­bell and was about to fin­ish the exer­cise, but his arms weak­ened on the final set. The bar fell onto the man’s chest, rolled onto his neck and pinned his head to the bench.

The bench press exercise is more dangerous than many people think

For 25 sec­onds, Howe des­per­ate­ly tried to free him­self: he did not have enough strength to lift the pro­jec­tile, and there were no vis­i­tors in the hall. The exhaust­ed man began to have con­vul­sions and lost con­scious­ness. Howe was lat­er found and rushed to the hos­pi­tal, but the mus­cle­man could not be saved.

Accord­ing to the gym man­ag­er, the man worked as a per­son­al train­er and fit­ness instruc­tor for sev­er­al years. He was obsessed with sports and reg­u­lar­ly vis­it­ed the gym.

Howe liked to study alone and often came to the gym before it opened — he had a key to the room. “He nev­er thought about dat­ing a girl. He only cared about train­ing,” recalls a gym employ­ee.

How to avoid repeating the mistake of the Chinese muscleman?

Gym tragedies have been mak­ing the news a lot late­ly. At the end of July, Indone­sian body­builder Justin Wiki died due to an acci­dent dur­ing train­ing. Dur­ing a squat with a bar­bell, the 33-year-old ath­lete fell to the floor, and the bar­bell fell on his neck and crushed his head, despite the fact that the man was being belayed.

The case of the Chi­nese fit­ness instruc­tor con­firms a long-known fact: nev­er bench press a bar­bell with­out sup­port.

At the same time, try to find a spot­ter in the gym who will be strong enough to pick up your weight. This will allow you to safe­ly per­form the last sets to fail­ure and not risk your life set­ting per­son­al records.