He bare­ly reached the end of the chal­lenge — the foot­ball player’s sched­ule turned out to be more dif­fi­cult than it seemed.

Lionel Mes­si is con­sid­ered one of the strongest foot­ball play­ers in his­to­ry. He faced a rare growth dis­or­der and pover­ty as a child, but achieved great­ness through tal­ent and intense train­ing.

Blog­ger Bran­don Williams con­duct­ed an unusu­al exper­i­ment: he fol­lowed Mes­si’s train­ing reg­i­men, diet and lifestyle to improve his foot­ball skills.

How did the blogger decide to take on the challenge?

William pre­pared for the train­ing by pur­chas­ing the Adi­das gear worn by Mes­si. He then con­duct­ed three per­for­mance tests under the guid­ance of his friends Bran­don and Este­ban.

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  • The first test is for speed. Mes­si changes direc­tion fre­quent­ly while main­tain­ing high speed. There­fore, the blog­ger ran a short slalom, show­ing 6.6 sec­onds.
  • The sec­ond test is a penal­ty. Williams isn’t very good at foot­ball and does­n’t hit well, but he scored 3 of 5 goals.
  • The final test is a 1v1 drib­ble against Bran­don. The blog­ger nev­er man­aged to deceive his friend.

How does Messi train and eat?

Dur­ing the first train­ing ses­sion, William tried to under­stand how Mes­si was able to drib­ble the ball at high speed as if it were stuck to his foot. He tried to repeat this, although not entire­ly suc­cess­ful­ly.

William also tried to mas­ter Mes­si’s sig­na­ture feints: swing­ing the body, cir­cu­lar move­ments of the foot over the ball, turn­ing 360 degrees with the move­ment of the heel. The blog­ger prac­tices these skills to use in his next 1v1 bat­tle against Bran­don.

In the gym, William worked on explo­sive move­ments sim­i­lar to what Mes­si does to gain an advan­tage over defend­ers. He ran with an obsta­cle in the form of a fit­ness band, and also pumped up his calves. In addi­tion, there were work­outs on the sand, which foot­ball play­ers love: they load the legs and increase endurance.

The blog­ger not only stud­ied Mes­si’s skills, but also switched to his diet. Like a foot­ball play­er, William empha­sizes the impor­tance of nutri­tion, so he invit­ed chef Jeff Ray to cook him qual­i­ty food.

The chef pre­pared the blog­ger pan-fried chick­en breast, rice and broc­coli, one of Mes­si’s favorite lunch­es. And also the foot­ball player’s favorite dish — schnitzel milane­sa a la napo­le­tana. His moth­er pre­pared it for him as a child.

As for break­fast, the blog­ger, like the foot­ball play­er, ate a lot of berries. Find out more about Mes­si’s diet and nutri­tion­al rules in our mate­r­i­al.

How is Messi recovering?

After train­ing, William recov­ered — also in Mes­si style. To reduce inflam­ma­tion and swelling, the foot­ball play­er immers­es his feet in a spe­cial appa­ra­tus that keeps them in extreme cold. Five min­utes after the start of the pro­ce­dure, the blog­ger felt that his legs began to look like ice cubes.

William also alter­nat­ed between a sauna and an ice bath to recov­er. It’s an effec­tive, if not always pleas­ant, method of recov­ery that Mes­si favors.

In every­day life, William also fol­lowed Messi’s habits: he woke up at 6 in the morn­ing, had break­fast with his fam­i­ly (he invit­ed his nephew for this) and drove expen­sive cars.

How did the challenge end?

At the end of the video, the blog­ger again took the tests that he per­formed at the begin­ning of the video. He improved his run­ning per­for­mance, scored a cou­ple of penal­ties and was even able to drib­ble past a team­mate once.

Of course, these changes are ran­dom — it is impos­si­ble to learn to play foot­ball in a week. It is much more inter­est­ing that the blog­ger plunged at least briefly into the life of one of the best foot­ball play­ers in his­to­ry, admit­ting that it is not as sim­ple as many peo­ple think.