He told how he man­aged to pull him­self togeth­er and get rid of excess weight.

A US stu­dent named Zachary John­son, who weighed about 165 kilo­grams, told how he was able to lose weight by half.

All due to stress

John­son said he’s always been a big kid, but he real­ly start­ed gain­ing weight in col­lege dur­ing the COVID-19 pan­dem­ic. He admit­ted that food helped him deal with stress dur­ing self-iso­la­tion, but his increas­ing weight only wors­ened his emo­tion­al state.

He remem­bered that he ate a lot at night: even if the man ate healthy dur­ing the day, he did not observe any restric­tions at night. And, as a cof­fee lover, he often ordered a drink with so much cream and sug­ar that the taste of the cof­fee itself was prac­ti­cal­ly not felt.

As a result, in the fall of 2020, when John­son was 20 years old, his weight reached 165 kilograms—more than he had ever weighed.

Physical and mental health

The extra pounds made John­son feel worse not only phys­i­cal­ly, but also psy­cho­log­i­cal­ly. “I was dis­ap­point­ed that I let myself get this far. I didn’t have any dis­ci­pline or willpow­er to pro­hib­it myself from doing any­thing,” the stu­dent admit­ted. It was then that he decid­ed to try to change his lifestyle and get rid of excess weight.

Main step

In the fall of 2021, John­son decid­ed that his first pri­or­i­ty would be to focus on nutri­tion, name­ly, lim­it­ing late-night snack­ing and gen­er­al­ly choos­ing health­i­er foods. So, instead of buy­ing fast food or semi-fin­ished prod­ucts, he began to cook for him­self. They were most­ly sim­ple dish­es like chick­en or broc­coli. This helped him lose about 27 kilo­grams. How­ev­er, John­son was not going to stop there.

In addi­tion, the stu­dent began to eat more pro­tein and con­sume about 1.2 thou­sand calo­ries per day.

Regular training

John­son also asked a friend to go with him to the gym, where he met an ath­let­ics coach. He helped John­son fig­ure out the fit­ness pro­gram and cre­ate a work­out plan.

What now?

John­son still cooks at home and watch­es his diet, such as drink­ing only black cof­fee and plain water. In addi­tion, he added that get­ting rid of crav­ings for junk food turned out to be not so dif­fi­cult: if you exclude some prod­uct from the diet for a month, the desire to become depen­dent on it will dis­ap­pear by itself.