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Gas­troen­terol­o­gist and nutri­tion­ist Olga Ermoshi­na, on the air of the pro­gram “About the Most Impor­tant Thing” on the Rus­sia 1 chan­nel, spoke about the three main mis­takes that peo­ple make when los­ing weight.

Don’t torture yourself with diets

Ermoshi­na con­sid­ers extreme fast­ing to be the main mis­take, which is resort­ed to for max­i­mum results. “First­ly, our metab­o­lism slows down, the body begins to per­ceive this sit­u­a­tion in such a way that dif­fi­cult times have come and we need to store as much as pos­si­ble,” the spe­cial­ist explained.

In addi­tion, accord­ing to Ermoshi­na, strict diets, as a rule, lead to break­downs. Her col­league, doc­tor and host of “About the Most Impor­tant Thing,” Alexan­der Myas­nikov, clar­i­fied that with healthy weight loss, you need to lose five per­cent of your orig­i­nal weight in the first three months.

Don’t give up fat

Ermoshi­na con­sid­ers lim­it­ing fats in the diet to be anoth­er mis­con­cep­tion. After all, the body needs fats for the absorp­tion of fat-sol­u­ble vit­a­mins and the release of bile. In addi­tion, they give the body sat­u­ra­tion.

Play sports

The spe­cial­ist believes that the third mis­take is fol­low­ing a diet with­out phys­i­cal activ­i­ty. “Includ­ing sys­tem­at­ic, reg­u­lar phys­i­cal activ­i­ty into your lifestyle pro­motes the great­est fat burn­ing and achieves the best weight loss results,” assured Ermoshi­na.

The doc­tor drew atten­tion to the fact that phys­i­cal exer­cis­es should be sys­tem­at­ic and dosed. More­over, they must not cause over­load.