If you care about stay­ing fit, keep your kitchen stocked with healthy snacks and foods that take less than 10 min­utes to pre­pare.

Here’s what you should def­i­nite­ly put in your gro­cery cart at the super­mar­ket.

1. Oatmeal

Oat­meal can be eat­en at almost every meal, is easy to trav­el with, and pairs well with both pro­tein and fat sources.

  • For exam­ple, you can mix it with eggs or egg whites, which is a clas­sic food for a huge num­ber of mus­cle-build­ing peo­ple.
  • You can mix it with milk and some pro­tein or casein, place it in a shak­er, shake well and drink as a cock­tail, adding a banana.
  • And this is all with­out count­ing the clas­sic cook­ing option. It can also be var­ied with nuts, soft cot­tage cheese and berries. Voila, your pro­tein-car­bo­hy­drate snack is ready.

2. Rice cakes

Peo­ple tend to asso­ciate rice cakes with the desire to lose weight, but it’s a great, not-so-secret weapon that body­builders have been using to build mus­cle for decades. It’s a sim­ple, eas­i­ly acces­si­ble source of calo­ries that pairs well with oth­er great foods. For exam­ple, peanut but­ter or jam.

You can even make sweet sand­wich­es by adding soft cot­tage cheese, then a lay­er of jam or spread, and then anoth­er lay­er or two. This easy, vir­tu­al­ly no-cook option deliv­ers plen­ty of healthy fats, nutri­ent-dense fruits, and just enough carbs to ener­gize your work­outs or fuel your post-work­out work­outs.

3. Canned fish

Don’t be afraid to use the good old option, test­ed by our par­ents: any canned fish will help make soup or sal­ad instant dish.

Here’s anoth­er idea: Make some rice or egg noo­dles like spi­der webs, then light­ly fry them in a lit­tle but­ter. Break a cou­ple of eggs and fry it until the eggs are cooked. Let it cool, then add the canned fish. Tuna, sar­dines, salmon, mack­er­el Any of these options are good for the amount of pro­tein. In addi­tion, it sat­u­rates per­fect­ly.

4. Dried fruits and nuts

Nour­ish­ing, tasty and high in calo­ries. Remem­ber this. How­ev­er, a great alter­na­tive to eat­ing on the go. Nuts such as almonds, hazel­nuts and cashews will give you extra calo­ries, but will also help you out before or after a work­out if you have them in the car, for exam­ple.