David devel­oped seri­ous health prob­lems, but stopped in time.

Who among us does­n’t like to eat deli­cious food? There is noth­ing wrong with this, but some­times we lose con­trol of our­selves. This hap­pened to 31-year-old Amer­i­can David Roden, who for a long time ate 10 thou­sand kilo­calo­ries dai­ly. He gained near­ly 200 kilo­grams and let him­self down, but man­aged to fix every­thing.

How did the American get fat?

Accord­ing to David, he grew up in a pros­per­ous fam­i­ly, but from his youth he fell in love with junk food. As a teenag­er, he played a lot of video games and ate high-calo­rie and fat­ty foods, rarely going out­side.

An Amer­i­can ate 15 serv­ings of peanut but­ter a day, and that was just a snack. This diet led to David weigh­ing about 180 kilo­grams. And this affect­ed his health — he was diag­nosed with pre­di­a­betes and hyper­ten­sion.

Apart from his health prob­lems, David suf­fered from low self-esteem. His peers bul­lied him because he was over­weight, and girls reject­ed him and refused to date him. At some point, Rodin got tired and decid­ed to change. He began to lead a healthy lifestyle and read books on self-devel­op­ment. But the key deci­sion in his life was buy­ing a gym mem­ber­ship.

How did the American manage to lose weight?

To build his dream body, David set a goal to lose 90 kilo­grams. He start­ed los­ing one kilo­gram a week and reward­ed him­self for even small achieve­ments. The Amer­i­can pre­pared meals four days in advance and stocked up on healthy snacks to achieve a calo­rie deficit. At the same time, twice a week David allowed him­self cheat meals in the com­pa­ny of friends.

As for sports, Rho­den first did car­dio exer­cis­es to burn fat. When he lost weight, he became inter­est­ed in body­build­ing and began to work a lot with iron. David has made great strides and now looks great — he even com­petes.

For those who have gained excess weight and are in a dif­fi­cult sit­u­a­tion, David rec­om­mend­ed:

  • achieve a calo­rie deficit;
  • increase pro­tein intake;
  • play a sport that you enjoy;
  • reward your­self even for small suc­cess­es.

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