6 main questions to ask yourself on the way to the refrigerator

Hunger is an objec­tive bio­log­i­cal fact that affects not only our dai­ly habits, but also species evo­lu­tion. How­ev­er, is it always what we expe­ri­ence when try­ing to absorb as much as pos­si­ble?

Ask your­self these ques­tions before you gob­ble up the con­tents of your refrig­er­a­tor.

Am I hungry or just tired?

Feel­ing tired can cre­ate cer­tain sen­sa­tions in the abdom­i­nal area that can eas­i­ly be con­fused with hunger. If it’s too late, it’s bet­ter to go to bed. If you go to bed too ear­ly, it’s bet­ter to get some air.

Can I wait 15 minutes before eating?

If you’re not sure you’re real­ly hun­gry, just wait a lit­tle. Try to dis­tract your­self with some­thing, and then ask your­self again.

Am I hungry or just thirsty?

Thirst can be mis­tak­en for hunger. Drink a glass of water, wait a cou­ple of min­utes and see if the desire to eat decreas­es.

Am I hungry or just bored?

When we have noth­ing to do, we turn to food. If you don’t want to eat, but at the same time you find that you are eat­ing borscht with choco­late, then get out of the kitchen. Switch gears, find some­thing to do and the desire to eat will pass.

​​​​​​Am I feeling weak or hungry?

Weak­ness and hunger are a sig­nal that the body needs to refu­el. Treat your­self to a healthy snack. A hand­ful of nuts or a high-pro­tein drink will do just fine.

Am I hungry or do I just want something tasty but not particularly healthy?

When we want some­thing “deli­cious,” we usu­al­ly mean a spe­cif­ic taste or prod­uct. Ask your­self if you are real­ly hun­gry yet. True hunger can be sat­is­fied with any food. If a spe­cif­ic food can do this, then it is not real hunger.

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