Check to see if you, too, are mak­ing these mis­takes that are slow­ing down your progress.

Many peo­ple have tried to lose weight, but not every­one suc­ceeds in get­ting their dream fig­ure. The most pop­u­lar mis­takes of those los­ing weight were list­ed in his blog by nutri­tion­ist Mikhail Ginzburg.

Why is it so hard to lose weight?

“Accord­ing to sta­tis­tics, out of a hun­dred peo­ple who take up this task, only five will be able to lose weight in a way that suits them. Five! That is, nine­ty-five out of a hun­dred will either not lose weight at all, or they will suf­fer much more than they lost, or, what is most dis­gust­ing, as soon as they start, they will break down and gain even more than they had before. It’s all about the mis­takes that we make and which need to be iden­ti­fied and cor­rect­ed,” the expert said.

Diet is not the main thing

Ginzburg con­sid­ers the main mis­take of those los­ing weight to be the con­cen­tra­tion of all phys­i­cal and moral forces on its obser­vance. Although diet is not always the main fac­tor in weight loss.

“Believe me, diet is not the main thing in los­ing weight. The main thing in los­ing weight is to some­how stim­u­late your body to spend more of its pre­vi­ous­ly accu­mu­lat­ed reserves on ener­gy needs. And in this regard, diets much more often sup­press ener­gy expen­di­ture than stim­u­late it,” the doc­tor explained.

Spend energy

To increase ener­gy expen­di­ture, Ginzburg advis­es get­ting enough sleep, walk­ing and ton­ing exer­cis­es — not tir­ing, but ton­ing. The nutri­tion­ist con­sid­ers anoth­er mis­take to be build­ing a diet based on the prin­ci­ple of “max­i­mum tor­ment.”

“For some rea­son we think that the tougher we take our­selves, the greater the result we will achieve. Some­times this works, but not more often than in one or two cas­es out of a hun­dred. Much more often, a strict diet sim­ply sup­press­es ener­gy expen­di­ture. You con­sumed 2000 kilo­calo­ries and spent the same, and did not lose weight.

Now you con­sume 1000 and spend 1000, and again you are not los­ing weight. But now you are still suf­fer­ing. And not only moral­ly,” said Ginzburg, not­ing that mal­nu­tri­tion pro­vokes prob­lems with hematopoiesis and immu­ni­ty.

If you are inter­est­ed in this top­ic, then find out how to find the diet that is most suit­able for you, and also not fall off the wag­on.