If you fol­low these tips, you will almost imme­di­ate­ly notice how the weight comes off with­out much effort.

Dras­ti­cal­ly cut­ting out major food groups from your diet is the wrong approach to cut­ting calo­ries.

Minus 185 calories

Cut out sweets: One of the eas­i­est ways to dis­cov­er hid­den calo­ries is to look at your bev­er­age con­sump­tion. Peo­ple now con­sume 300 calo­ries more per day than they did 30 years ago.

Half of it comes from sweet­ened drinks such as fruit juices and sodas. Get your nutri­ents from whole fruits rather than pack­aged juices.

Minus 150 calories

Watch what you put on your meals: Swap half a cup of Mex­i­can gua­camole for the same amount of sal­sa and save 150 calo­ries. Get the same sav­ings by using sal­sa instead of may­on­naise in your lunch snack. Swap gor­gonzo­la for grat­ed Parme­san, dip veg­eta­bles in hum­mus instead of oth­er dips, and top sal­ads with light­ly toast­ed nuts instead of but­ter-soaked crou­tons.

Minus 130 calories

Turn off the TV: Peo­ple con­sumed 130 more calo­ries on days they ate in front of the TV than on days they left the remote alone.

Minus 107 calories

Try snack­ing on low-calo­rie foods that are rich in fiber (such as fruits, veg­eta­bles and broth-based soups). This life hack will reduce your over­all calo­rie intake.

Peo­ple who ate a 100-calo­rie sal­ad before eat­ing con­sumed 12% less than those who did­n’t eat a veg­etable snack.

For your first course, have a cup of vegetarian soup or salad with low-fat dressing.

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