We fig­ure out what to eat and how to train at dif­fer­ent stages of the sports jour­ney.

A quick primer on what you need to know about bulk­ing and cut­ting: the process of strate­gi­cal­ly gain­ing mus­cle and los­ing weight for greater suc­cess in sports.

Muscle gain

Mass gain means inten­tion­al­ly con­sum­ing more calo­ries than you burn in order to gain mass, espe­cial­ly mus­cle mass.

Expla­na­tion: along with an increase in mus­cle mass, you will cer­tain­ly gain fat. How­ev­er, if the process is struc­tured cor­rect­ly, then the increase in fat will be min­i­mal.


A calo­rie deficit, or weight loss, is the act of inten­tion­al­ly eat­ing few­er calo­ries than you burn in order to lose weight, ide­al­ly fat. The goal here is to main­tain as much mus­cle mass as pos­si­ble and lose weight pri­mar­i­ly through fat.

These meth­ods are often used alter­nate­ly to first build mus­cle and then lose excess fat.

Body building goals

  • The first thing absolute­ly every­one should do is think, plan and work hard — and your body will start work­ing for you.
  • Start by ask­ing, “What are my goals?”
  • Have a clear plan before you act. Ide­al­ly, it should be adjust­ed or com­piled by a com­pe­tent coach.
  • Orga­nize your gym sched­ule to achieve greater results than before.

What to do in the gym?

We rec­om­mend that both when bulk­ing and if you are work­ing on get­ting rid of excess fat, your train­ing focus­es on heavy strength work with less or no car­dio.

What is the deficit and surplus?

What hap­pens in the gym mat­ters. How­ev­er, you will only achieve your goals when you con­sume what your body needs.


A bulk­ing diet requires con­sum­ing many more calo­ries than usu­al from all three macronu­tri­ents: fat, car­bo­hy­drates and pro­tein. How­ev­er. Try to sig­nif­i­cant­ly increase your car­bo­hy­drate intake. The extra calo­ries act as a source of fuel, so you can actu­al­ly exer­cise hard­er and more pow­er­ful­ly.


You need to make sure you main­tain a calo­rie deficit—consuming less than what your body burns. In order for weight loss to occur due to fat and not mus­cle, it is nec­es­sary to adhere to strict pro­tein intake. Con­sume at least 1.6–1.8 grams, and if you train inten­sive­ly, then 1.8–2 grams of pro­tein per day.

Discipline and Commitment

This is where dis­ci­pline is cru­cial, and it also pays off in results in the end. Alter­nate these two cycles, and suc­cess in build­ing your body is guar­an­teed.