A great way to eat with­out count­ing calo­ries for the hol­i­days or on vaca­tion — with­out harm­ing your fig­ure.

If you are los­ing weight, we rec­om­mend choos­ing spe­cial days in the year in advance when you will not count calo­ries. For exam­ple, you can plan them for the New Year, birth­day, wed­ding anniver­sary.

There are two ways to imple­ment a full break in the diet: a com­plete break in cal­cu­lat­ing KBJU and a more con­trolled ver­sion.

“Complete” break from diet

A com­plete break is stop­ping calo­rie count­ing com­plete­ly for two weeks. Here’s what to do best dur­ing this peri­od.

3 steps without counting

  • Eat to sat­is­fy your hunger, and don’t count KBZHU, don’t wor­ry about your goals for them, but don’t delib­er­ate­ly overeat with the desire to emp­ty the refrig­er­a­tor;
  • Main­tain your usu­al meal times;
  • Keep train­ing! It is pos­si­ble to gain weight giv­en the high­er calo­rie intake. Enjoy it. The time has come for the most intense records.

There is noth­ing new or sur­pris­ing in these instruc­tions, but if you think they are easy to fol­low, we assure you that you are under­es­ti­mat­ing them.

You will gain weight, but not fat.

Nat­u­ral­ly, you will gain some weight dur­ing this break, but most of the gain will not come from fat mass, but from the con­tents of the intestines, water and glyco­gen, which are con­tained in the mus­cles and liv­er. That’s why.

3 reasons not to be afraid

  • If you eat more, you have more food in your gut and it weighs more.
  • Due to the fact that you increase the range of foods con­sumed, there will be an increase in salt con­sump­tion and the water bal­ance in the body will tem­porar­i­ly be dis­rupt­ed.
  • You’ll like­ly eat a lot more car­bo­hy­drates. Glu­cose from these car­bo­hy­drates is stored in the mus­cles and liv­er as an ener­gy source called glyco­gen. To do this, glu­cose mol­e­cules must have water mol­e­cules attached to them. Sim­ply put, 1 g of car­bo­hy­drates brings 3–4 g of water. This means you could gain 3kg in a week, but only 0.5kg of that would be fat.

Don’t be afraid to take an inten­tion­al break from your diet because you’re gain­ing extra pounds. Do not con­fuse an increase in water and glyco­gen stores in the body with an increase in fat mass.