Ron­nie Cole­man is a body­build­ing leg­end. He was able to sur­pass Arnold Schwarzeneg­ger him­self. Even if it cost him his health.

There have always been many myths and leg­ends around body­build­ing. This is a very con­tro­ver­sial dis­ci­pline, which is some­times even con­sid­ered not a sport, but a beau­ty con­test for pumped-up men.

And not every­one under­stands how much effort and time goes into cre­at­ing the shape of your dreams. This is a tru­ly dif­fi­cult process that requires full ded­i­ca­tion not only in the gym, but also out­side it. And it’s not just about phar­ma­col­o­gy, which they love to dis­cuss so much when it comes to body­build­ing, but about the strictest dis­ci­pline that touch­es every aspect of life.

In a recent pod­cast, body­build­ing leg­end Ron­nie Cole­man talked about one of the tough­est chal­lenges he had to over­come to get into shape. And it wasn’t about the num­ber of approach­es per exer­cise, but about food intake.

The for­mer body­builder admit­ted that gain­ing mass became a dif­fi­cult test for him, because he had to eat huge por­tions of food 6 times a day. On the pod­cast, Cole­man said that he had to force him­self to eat, but there was no oth­er way to build the ide­al form. Mus­cles need build­ing mate­r­i­al, so he over­pow­ered him­self and ate.

By the way, it was also very expen­sive. Giv­en the por­tion sizes and fre­quen­cy of meals, the body­builder spent tens of thou­sands of dol­lars on nutri­tion. And giv­en that he was work­ing as a police offi­cer at the time, there was sim­ply no mon­ey left for any­thing else. And the worst thing Cole­man ever heard was the words of his nutri­tion­ist: you’re not eat­ing enough, you need even more food.

The body­builder also said that anoth­er dif­fi­cul­ty was his busy life sched­ule. Cole­man worked full time and could not afford lunch breaks every 2 hours. His col­leagues sim­ply wouldn’t under­stand him. There­fore, he had to get out, eat in a hur­ry, use every free minute.

Ron­nie Cole­man once again con­firmed the obvi­ous: to gain weight, you need to eat a lot. Hard train­ing and pro­hib­it­ed stim­u­lants can speed up the process, but with­out build­ing mate­r­i­al noth­ing will hap­pen.