The ques­tion: how to lose weight quick­ly every­one asked them­selves. But is time with­out food the secret way that will instant­ly get rid of those annoy­ing pounds?

Test your­self: do you know every­thing about inter­mit­tent fast­ing and what is its secret?

Intermittent fasting and weight loss

Ques­tion: Will inter­mit­tent fast­ing help you lose weight?
Answer: Maybe.

Is it worth prac­tic­ing this method?
Every­one choos­es for them­selves. But before we focus our atten­tion on it, we’ll tell you what it is like and what it’s good/fraught with.

4 types of intermittent fasting


16 hour fast­ing win­dow, 8 hour fast­ing win­dow nutri­tion. Anoth­er name is Lean Gains accord­ing to Mar­tin Berkhahn or War­rior Diet.

Fasting every other day

Eat your usu­al amount of calo­ries for one day. The next day you fast. Some peo­ple eat, for exam­ple, only 500 kcal on fast­ing days

24 hour fasting

You eat nor­mal­ly 6 days a week, then fast for a day. For exam­ple, you eat lunch and wait for the next lunch.


You fast two days a week, or eat 500 kcal on these days. The pecu­liar­i­ty is that these two days of fast­ing should not come one after the oth­er..

Which option should I choose?

The ques­tion isn’t whether a weight loss method is “good” or “bad,” but whether that method can make your life eas­i­er.

There is no secret to inter­mit­tent fast­ing. Any of its types is based on a calo­rie deficit.

A missed meal is just a missed meal.
It does­n’t mat­ter what food you eat or when, as long as you eat few­er calo­ries than you expend, any diet works.